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Investments in Malpensa airport

In 2018, work on the airport's air-side infrastructures were mainly safety and operational maintenance/improvement works and included the upgrade of infrastructures and systems to the EAS regulatory standards (European Aviation Safety Agency).

The upgraded paving on runway 35R/17L involved the section between taxiways "CB" and "D"; similar paving upgrading works also concerned the taxiway "CH" and a stretch of the taxiway "C". An automatic lighting monitoring system was installed on taxiway L (the only part of the movement area usable under low visibility conditions not yet equipped with this control system) and various upgrading and adaptation interventions were carried out on Auxiliary Visual Aid (AVL) systems on taxiways C, D and DM. The microwave stop-bar sensors present on some of the taxiways directly connected to the runways were also upgraded and the primary power supply circuits of the stop-bars which control access to runway 35L were reconfigured. The water treatment and collection systems for southern area de-icing waste waters were completed. An upgrading and adaptation intervention was carried out on Stand 401. Signage at several taxiway intersections was modified to meet European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) specifications. Stand visual approach systems and several apron lighting towers still without continuity power supply systems were equipped with them.

As regards Terminal 1, redesign works to increase the qualitative and functional standards of the zones opened to traffic in 1998 continued, particularly on the baggage collection area for Schengen flights.  Again at Terminal 1, the number of security check turnstiles were increased, new locker rooms were created for security personnel, several commercial areas were renovated and work was undertaken for the replacement of the external facades of the “Schengen arrivals” wing, for the new bus shelter and for the upgrading of several building coverage areas.

At Terminal 2, work was carried out on the construction of two new gates in the former “group area”, as well as various preparatory works for the planned considerable infrastructure and commercial development works for the departures building.

In the cargo area, the new “first line” (BetaTrans, WFS) freight warehouse was completed, new control gates were built, and work started on an additional cargo warehouse (DHL MXP Hub).

Other measures implemented in 2018 include works relating to the construction of the new general aviation business area (i.e. new terminal, adaptation of access systems and parking lots, reorganization of a section of the aircraft parking area).