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Investments in Linate airport

At Linate airport, significant interventions for the renewal and development of the airside infrastructure and passenger terminal are planned for summer 2019, necessitating the airport’s closure for three months from July 27 to October 27. In 2018, the most significant interventions concerning airside infrastructures were: the resurfacing of taxiway N between the west apron and the intersection with taxiway M, the upgrading of Auxiliary Visual Aid (AVL) systems on taxiways K and N, and the installation of continuity power supply systems for AVL systems alongside the stands. In the passenger terminals, renovation works on the Viale Forlanini facade, as well as the installation of new canopies in the departure zone and the restyling of the arrivals hall and the baggage collection areas with the creation of a new VIP lounge - the "Leonardo", were completed. Several works were carried out to adapt commercial areas, such as the relocation of the Poste Italiane post office, and the extension of the adjacent bar. Various preparatory works were started for the demolition and reconstruction of the terminals “F Wing” and for the adaptation of security controls in the baggage handling system planned for 2019. Other significant interventions implemented in 2018 and still ongoing are the redevelopment works for building no. 35, the realization of the new airport vehicle refuelling point, the renewal of fire detection systems and the upgrading of several refrigeration units.