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Developing Sustainability Culture

Listening, reflection and sharing on the approach and founding principles of sustainable development and its applications within the airport sector.

The project, implemented between 2012 and 2014 involved, amongst other things, interviews with management and stakeholders, focus groups and web discussions with SEA employees, workshops with top and middle management, and benchmarking studies and analyses.

The launch pad for this programme was the elaboration, in 2015, of our Ethics System, through which we defined the characteristic features of our sustainable managerial style, as summarized below:

  • The Ethics System as a point of reference: The Values of the Ethics System guide our decisions, particularly in crises and disruptive changes.
  • The Values as an asset: The Values of the Ethics System are a corporate asset, as they reinforce our collective identity.
  • From an emergency to excellence: The challenge of SEA is to transform our ability to face an emergency situation into one that creates excellence by leveraging human resources. In this context, the Ethics System is a tool for implementing change by valuing the ethical aspects of results.
  • Attention to methodology: SEA’s Ethics System focuses not only on results, but also how they are achieved. How we do things is as important as the results we achieve.
  • Interdepartmental relations: There is an ever great need to improve collaboration between corporate departments and roles.