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Integrated Thinking Lab

The Integrated Thinking Lab, launched during the second half of 2018, is transformative leadership programme oriented to raising the awareness of corporate decision makers on all forms of value and capital that can be leveraged to improve and consolidate performance over the long-term. The goal is to promote a managerial mindset fully integrating technical, economic and financial issues with environmental, social and contextual ones, ensuring that our capacity for planning and decision-making (from risk assessment to business planning) takes into due consideration both the effects of our choices on stakeholders and the influence of stakeholder choices on our decisions and on the long-term value of the company. The six-month programme continues to engage 20 managers, subdivided into four work teams, in leveraging the integrated thinking approach on numerous company projects and activities already in progress or at the start-up phase:

Aviation Green Charges

The project aims to develop a feasibility study on a package of measures for the introduction of regulated aviation charges with a component associated with the acoustic footprint of the aircraft using our airports. Part of the proceeds of this component would be destined to the creation of a fund for redistributing financial resources to local the area for the mitigation of noise-related disturbances.

Long Term ERM

The proposed approach has two main goals:

  • to extend the scope of Enterprise Risk Management to specific Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance issues in order to assess not only impacts, but also medium to long term risks and opportunities for SEA;
  • to spread the culture of risk awareness throughout the company, disseminating the principles of a virtuous risk approach through common language and awareness of the potential domino effect of individual everyday actions within the organization.

Master Plan Malpensa 2030

The company is committed to consolidating the Malpensa 2030 Master Plan as a sound, sustainable and satisfactory plan. The programme aims to manage dialogue with external stakeholders through the engagement of relevant actors, and to obtain final technical, urban planning and environmental approval for the plan.

Long Term Business

This aim is to validate scenario planning as an indispensable preliminary tool for medium to long term strategic planning in order to improve the quality of corporate decision-making. The activity sees the experimental adoption of scenario planning in three projects assigned to Integrated Thinking Lab teams, in order to evaluate the feasibility of its application across the entire organization.

The start of the Laboratory was preceded by an assessment on the Integrated Thinking Mindset and its five characterizing principles with a direct impact on integrating all forms of capital and value into decisions. The assessment was replicated in various project implementation phases, providing a “dashboard” for verifying progress in the use of the principles and related approaches, such as openness to change, anticipation, agility, awareness of the strategic value of one’s own work, risk and opportunity monitoring.

The process of revisiting the four projects was then initiated by implementing activation and engagement initiatives, including preparation sessions, project work group harmonization activities and output presentation sessions in front of a jury of internal and external experts, in order to build, strengthen and consolidate capabilities of facilitating acquisition of the mindset.

The conclusion of the project will allow the organization to:

  • know its positioning in terms of the acquisition of the principles of the Integrated Thinking Mindset;
  • understand how the mindset’s principles and six capitals fit into corporate strategy and contribute to transforming the business model;
  • possess the tools, skills and motivation to implement an integrated approach to corporate strategy and operations;
  • develop a greater propensity to innovate, adapt and accelerate change.