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Ongoing Values

2016 and 2017 saw the implementation of the Project "Ongoing Values"; a change- management plan based on the implementation of corporate values in managerial practices, directly linked to the content of the 2016-2021 Business Plan. The aim is bringing the Values of our soft assets back to their minimum common denominator (mind-set, decisional dynamics leadership styles), making them fully synergistic and functional with the business strategy.

Level of alignment between values and organizational processes


Source: SEA

In 2017 the project was micro-analysed in terms of the relationship between the values and the SEA’s organizational culture with the purpose of ensuring that the Ethical System was not simply a receptacle of principles but also a real accelerator of change in our managerial mind-set, driving excellence, which, as outlined in the Business Plan 2016-2021, is a distinguishing feature to be consolidated in the near future.

For this purpose, we developed 3 distinctive and structured listening sessions for the management team:

  • 2 focus groups - this involved 5 company Directors in key Company roles - to identify contact points between the values and the drivers of the Business Plan;
  • 25 in-depth interviews conducted with the senior Directors and the management team   related to managerial and leadership styles used and practiced;
  • an online survey involving 190 executives and SEA Managers (including some involved in the previous phases) which sought to collect a broad range of managerial assessments on Company topics such as collaborative work between functions, dissemination of information, conflict and mistake management.

This diagnostic model facilitated organic and deep discussions on the connections between the Company’s ethical vision, the Diamond of Values, the Business Plan and the risk model, identifying several possible initiatives to sustain and relaunch SEA’s strategic focus.

This vision, outlined above, accompanies and enhances the most concrete values of the Business Plan (development of international traffic, development of non-aviation revenues, further cost reductions) providing an interpretive framework as well as a coherent and unified method to consolidate:

  • the interdisciplinary and inter-functional work required to govern the underlying complexity of the SEA business model and to create further and continuous efficiencies;
  • the cultural change necessary to robustly drive and create elasticity in the related decision-makers’ mind-set and to innovate the Company's processes and technological infrastructures;
  • the SEA employees’ commitment to the objectives of achieving excellent performance.