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Stakeholder Evaluation

We place fundamental importance on the opinions of the general public.

The stakeholder relations policies which we have adopted involve the execution over time of organized activities for the understanding and involvement of our important stakeholders, through which we garner opinions, attitudes and evaluations in relation to our reputational profile, the satisfaction with services provided, the quality of relations with the public and the impact on our context.

The survey on the evaluation of the identity profile, reputation and quality of relations with our principal sections of the public was carried out with the CAWI system in November 2018 by Marketing Problem Solving, a leading opinion pollster.

Composition of the stakeholder sample interviewed

StakeholderNumber of interviews
Suppliers 14
Aviation Clients 13
Non-Aviation Clients 11
Control Authorities 6
Banking/financial world 11
Shareholders 4
Society/Region 19
General media 78

Source: Marketing Problem Solving, Survey of SEA Group stakeholders 2018

Overall, 78 stakeholder interviews were carried out within the following categories: Shareholders, Aviation and Non-Aviation Customers, Control Authorities, Suppliers, the banking and financial community, companies and the Region (in turn, comprising: Local Authorities, Trade Unions, Associations and the Media).