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Economic Performance of the Non-Aviation Business

The Non-Aviation activities concern the provision of aviation support operations completion services and include:

  • retail activities (duty free and duty paid sale to the public, catering, car hire, advertising, the management of spaces for the carrying out by third parties of banking activities);
  • the management of parking;
  • the management of cargo spaces;
  • the management of advertising spaces;
  • other activities, included under the account “services and other revenues” (such as ticket office operations, vehicle maintenance, real estate, including rentals and concessions of sections of the airport and technological and design services and also non-regulated security services).

Portion of revenues from Non-Aviation activities

Non-Aviation operating revenues (thousands of Euro) 242,399 227,352
Non-Aviation revenues (% of total revenues) 34.0 33.6
Other revenues (% of total revenues) 66.0 66.4

The 2017 figures were reclassified.
Source: SEA

Type of revenues from Non-Aviation activities

 2018 (Euro thousands)2017 (Euro thousands)% of 2018 total Non-Aviation Revenues
Retail 97,753 95,429 40.3
Parking 68,119 64,259 28.1
Cargo 16,261 15,844 6.7
Advertising 11,529 10,500 4.8
Premium service 19,289 18,073 8.0
Real estate 8,988 2,459 3.7
Services and other revenues 20,460 20,788 8.4
Total 242,399 227,352 100

The 2017 figures were reclassified.
Source: SEA

Non-Aviation Business operating revenues reported in 2018 totalled Euro 242.4 million (+6.6% compared to the previous year) and represent approximately 34.0% of total Group revenues. The most significant Non-Aviation Business revenues came from retail activities (40.3% of total revenues), followed by parking activities (28.1%), with increases over 2017 of 2.4% and 6.0% respectively. In terms of retail revenues, shop revenues increased by 2.4% and food & beverage revenues increased by 8.2%, over the previous year.