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The most significant retail revenue segment was shop sales (51.9% of the total), followed by food & beverage (22.2%), car rental (17.6%) and finally bank services (8.3%).

Type of Retail revenues

Retail service revenues2018 (Euro thousands)2017 (Euro thousands)% of total Retail 2018
Shops 50,704 49,530 51.9
Food & beverage 21,702 20,060 22.2
Car Rental 17,192 16,385 17.6
Bank services 8,155 9,454 8.3
Total retail revenues 97,753 95,429 100

The 2017 figures were reclassified.
Source: SEA

The sales points within the passenger terminal offer both duty free products (therefore excluding VAT and other taxes), and duty paid products (therefore under normal conditions and excluding therefore the benefit of the above-mentioned exemption).

The retail sector activities carried out at our airports offer the public and passengers a wide range of products and brands which satisfy the entire customer base and are differentiated at each terminal:

  • Milan Malpensa 1 dedicated to luxury and duty-free shopping;
  • Malpensa Terminal 2 dedicated to low cost;
  • Linate focused on a specialized high-end business offer.

Commercial areas of the Milan airports – shops + food & beverage (m2)


Source: SEA

Retail areas of the Milan airports by millions of passengers (m²/passengers)

Malpensa T1 1,079.2 1,234.1 1,461.9
Malpensa T2 516.4 540.4 595.5
Linate 691.4 689.4 709.5

Source: SEA

The development of airport terminal retail profiles, in order to better serve all segments of demand, forms the basis of SEA’s Non-Aviation Strategy. A particular focus is placed on perfecting the re-design of Malpensa Terminal 1 in its vocation as an intercontinental airport, in order to maximize the exploitation of end-user spaces. The concept of “Squares” that segment the offering of specific products, services and price positionings satisfies a target mix of customers differentiated by strong spending capacities and propensities for fast fashion. Making up the Piazza del Lusso (Luxury Square) are top luxury fashion brands, such as Hermes, Gucci and Bottega Veneta, high-end jewellery brands, such as Rolex, Rocca and Montblanc, and the luxurious Oldani café. The Piazza del Pop (Pop Square), on the other hand, features Zara, Benetton, Moleskine and many other more affordable brands. The Piazza del Gusto (Taste Square) then offers a selection of food and beverage brands for all types of demand, from Starbucks, Wagamama, Mozzarella Bar and Pizza di Caio right through to the varied offerings of the Mychef food court. As for Malpensa Terminal 2, the proposal emphasizes the functional nature of the terminal, consistent with its aviation positioning, with a focus on the growth of the price sensitive demand. The commercial choices relating to Milan Linate emphasize its nature as a city airport. Smart access to the city is anticipated and acted out in the design of spaces through a strong experiential impact, particularly through the food and beverage segment.

Areas allocated to public sale activities (m2)


Source: SEA

Areas allocated to food & beverage (m2)


Note: Does not include the VIP lounges and external areas
Source: SEA