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Best in Italy - Service Champions 2018/2019

Our airports came top of consumer rankings, in terms of the quality of services offered, in the “Major Airports” category of the “2018-2019 Service Champions” survey conducted by the Istituto Tedesco di Qualità e Finanza (German Quality and Finance Institute) in September 2018.

“Major Airports” category ranking

RankAirportSES Score
1 Milano Malpensa 87.2%
2 Milano Linate 85.9%
3 Bergamo Orio al Serio 84.0%
4 Bologna 81.9%
5 Venezia 81.4%

Source: Istituto Tedesco di Qualità e Finanza, 2018-2019 Service Champions

The “Service Champions” survey is the largest in Italy concerning service levels offered by companies. 

For the survey, the Istituto Tedesco di Qualità e Finanza, a leading European quality research and ratings agency, adopted a methodology developed by the Goethe University of Frankfurt. The fifth edition of the survey assessed satisfaction with the services of 900 companies in over a hundred different economic sectors. Through an online survey (CATI), a sample of 200,000 people, representing the Italian population in terms of age, sex and region, was asked whether, in the last three years, they had been customers of the companies under assessment. Customers who responded positively were then asked whether they had received good service from the companies. From the answers thus obtained, the percentage of customers assessing the service of each company as very good was calculated. The resulting index constitutes a Service Experience Score (SES).