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Passenger profile

Passenger profiling is carried out at our airports via monthly surveys, based on specific sampling quotas for the three terminals (Linate, Malpensa T1, Malpensa T2). The total number of passengers interviewed in 2018 amounted to 5,165. Those interviewed were selected according to a systematic procedure (one out of every 10) at the security control lanes, therefore in departures. This procedure allows random selection and consequently is representative of the sample interviewed for each of the three terminals. The control of the samples (in the waiting of data) verify destinations and the portions of passengers in transit, terminal by terminal and by quarter.

Main characteristics of our airport passengers in 2018

 Malpensa T1Malpensa T2Linate
Male 67% 65% 59%
Average age (years) 42 41 42
University culture 52% 49% 58%
Resident in Italy 69% 78% 75%
Principal reason for travel Holiday/Tourism Holiday/Tourism Work/Business/Study
Average stay in the airport (minutes) 128 126 98

Source: Doxa

The principal findings from the 2018 data were as follows.


The frequency of trips for family or health reasons (+3% over 2017) and trips for vacation or tourism (+1%) increased to the detriment of trips for work, business or study reasons (-4%).

Passengers residing in Italy rose by 2% over the previous year, while frequent flyers fell by 3%.

Malpensa Terminal 1

In relation to the historical record, the share of passengers travelling for vacations or tourism decreased (-6%), as did trips for family or health reasons (-2%), while trips for work, business or study registered an increase (+8%).

Malpensa Terminal 2

Compared to 2017, the share of passengers traveling for work or business increased (+7%), to the detriment of trips for family or health reasons (-4%) and tourism (-3%).