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Cleaning and hygienic conditions indicators

IndicatorMeasurement unit Malpensa T1Malpensa T2Linate
Perception of the cleaning level and functionality of toilets % of satisfied passengers 2018 Target 91.4% 86.0% 90.0%
2018 Result 85.0% 84.0% 89.9%
Perception of the cleanliness level at the airport % of satisfied passengers 2018 Target 95.0% 95.0% 90.0%
2018 Result 98.8% 93.9% 94.0%
Airports in numbers T1 T2 Linate
Total number of toilets 543 151 251
Total number of disabled toilets 47 14 17

Source: SEA, Doxa

At Malpensa and Linate airports, the spaces available to passengers and the hygienic services are constantly controlled so that cleanliness is guaranteed throughout the day. At all airport areas, hygienic services are available for persons with reduced mobility. Passenger satisfaction regarding the cleanliness and functionality of toilets is lower than targets, while airport cleaning in general is satisfactory and in line with targets.