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Analysis of the scope of the material topics and reconciliation with GRI Standards

Material aspectsBoundaryGRI topic reconciliation
Party impactedType of impact
Periodic Sustainability Plan Group Direct impact N/A
Increase in air connectivity Group, Airport operators Direct and indirect impact Market presence
Quality of the customer experience in the terminals Group, Airport operators Direct impact Business continuity and emergency management
Service quality
Reduced mobility passenger services offer
Promotion of sustainable accessibility to the airports Group, Airport operators, Public Administration Indirect impact Ground travel connections
Strategic orientation to the creation of long-term value Group Direct impact Economic performance
Indirect economic impacts
CO2 emissions reduction Group Direct and indirect impact Emissions
Occupational Health & Safety Group Direct impact Occupational Health and Safety
Local area involvement on infrastructural projects Group, Public Administration Direct and indirect impact Indirect economic impacts
Local communities
Employees dialogue/involvement   Employees Direct impact Employment
Labor/management relations
Diversity and equal opportunities
Quality and innovation in the shopping experience Group, Airport operators Direct and indirect impact Service quality
Employees training/empowerment Employees Direct impact Training and education
Eco-sustainable construction methods Group Direct and indirect impact Procurement practices
Supplier environmental assessment
Supplier social assessment
Containment of land consumption Group, Airport operators Direct and indirect impact Water
Effluents and waste
Energy efficiency measures Group Direct impact Energy
Containment of noise impact Group Direct impact Noise
Customer health and safety
Transparent communications to stakeholders Group Direct impact N/A
Environmental criteria for aviation charges Group, CNA Direct and indirect impact N/A
Corporate culture inspired by ethical values Group Direct impact Anti-corruption