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Growth Non-Aviation Business

SDG 9 Build resilient infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation


Material aspectObjective descriptionTimelineStatus
Quality and innovation in the shopping experience Transversal and multi-target offer
In addition to shops, to maximise the capacity to innovate in the area of food, going down the path undertaken a few years ago of characterising the Food Court with increasingly innovative recipes which can satisfy the demand of all the reference targets (in particular, Asian and Middle-Eastern targets).
Innovation in payment systems
Innovation in the products and services offer to passengers is a fundamental aspect in the airport's commercial development strategy. After having implemented contactless payment systems and created awareness among all the commercial partners to adopt them, it is intended to integrate payment systems via app and social media (Alipay and wechat pay) for airport services and ensure their use by all the commercial operators present in the airport.
2020 TBD
Innovation in passenger services
Innovation in passenger services is a key aspect in the action plans undertaken to date. In particular, with the introduction of services such as shopping helpers, shop & collect and e-commerce services. 
2021 TBD