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Management efficiency and productivity

SDG 7 Ensure access to economic, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems for all


Material aspectObjective descriptionTimelineStatus
Energy efficiency measures Electricity savings (KWh_year/m3) 2019: 44.0
2020: 43.8
2019: 40.4
2020: 40.2
In corso in progress
Thermal-refrigeration savings (KWh_year/m3) 2019: 43.4
2020: 42.5
2019: 73.8
2020: 72.3


SDG 7 Ensure access to economic, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems for all

SDG 13 Adopt urgent measures to counteract climate change and its consequences


Material aspectObjective descriptionTimelineStatus
Energy efficiency measures Acquisition of Energy Efficiency Securities
Replacement of the Malpensa cogeneration plant’s current 25 MWe TGC turbine with a more efficient gas turbine, in order to obtain 10-year GSE energy efficiency certificates (high efficiency cogeneration white certificates).
2019 in progress
Replacement of runway lights
Replacement of Linate's T Runway lights, from 98.747W halogen signals to 18.776W LED signals.
2019 Starting
Efficiency of machinery
Replacement of 3 absorption refrigeration units (installed in 1998 at the Malpensa Station) with 3 two-stage absorption units having a COP higher than 1. This intervention will enable the partial renewal of the current machine stock avoiding costly maintenance processes, produce benefits in terms of savings in superheated water and methane gas and an increase in the production of electricity toward the network.
2019-2020 Starting
Aggregate Virtual Mixed Units
Participation in the UVAM (Aggregate Virtual Mixed Units) pilot project with Enel X making it possible for the Linate plant to participate in the dispatching market at advantageous economic conditions.
2019-2020 Starting


SDG 8 Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.


Material aspectType of measure Objective descriptionTimelineStatus
Employees dialogue/involvement 

Employee training/empowerment 
Building a constant customer satisfaction system for services  Creation of an immediate customer satisfaction system to measure employees' level of satisfaction and to improve the offer over time 2019 in progress
Redefinition of parameters for medical and healthcare agreements Renegotiation of agreements in use in order to update procedures, fees and benefits  2019 in progress
Increase of equipped nursing restrooms Arrive at 100% restrooms equipped with changing tables and baby points (also for fathers) 2019 in progress
Identification of an area for the collection and delivery of packages and services  Identification of an area for each corporate site where it will be possible to receive products and/or packages purchased over the internet, and to deliver and collect products or services (pressed shirts, boxes of vegetables, etc.) 2019 To be initiated
Improvement of the assessment system Review procedures for carrying out employee assessments, particularly the discussion mechanism and transmission of results 2019 in progress
Feasibility study to verify how to broaden the definition of family by including "new families" in the description of company welfare beneficiaries Extend measures in favour of family members to include non-dependent children or children of cohabitees, so as not to exclude less traditional families 2019 To be initiated