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Organizational structure

The SEA organization until January 8, 2019 was structured into various departments and staff functions, each of which respectively subject to the control of the Chairman, the Chief Corporate Officer, the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial and Risk Officer.

In 2018 SEA has adopted a Steering Process - based on 5 committees - as an operating and control management method which, through the cross and inter-departmental involvement of the operating management and staff of the Company, seeks to achieve the business objectives and strengthen team spirit.

Departmental structure at 31-12-2018


(*) The Chairman Mr. Pietro Modiano resigned on December 19, 2018. Therefore, the SEA Board of Directors appointed Chairperson Michaela Castelli on December 20, 2018.
The Board of Directors of SEA SpA named Armando Brunini Chief Executive Officer on January 8, 2019 and then also appointed him General Manager on January 16, 2019 modifying the organisation structure.